Episode 4353
Episode 4353
Production code P694/4353
ITV transmission date 16th February 1998 (Monday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Di Burrows
Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Phil Ford
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Garth Tucker
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 15th February 1998
Next episode 18th February 1998


Les refuses to believe the protestors have found a Roman site and tosses away an old brooch as rubbish. Alf sorts out an eviction notice for the protestors and plans to start clearing the Red Rec. Ashley is amazed when Zoe has an interview with Mr Sparrow of Social Security, applying for Income Support and Housing Benefit as she's told them that she pays Ashley £100 a month rent. Ashley panics that he'll go to prison for fraud if it's discovered he and Zoe share a bed. Fiona goes into premature labour whilst working in the salon. Steve is on hand and rushes her to hospital in his car. When bulldozers move onto the Red Rec, Emily leads the protesters in organising a sit down protest in front of the machines. Roy gets Professor Barker to look at the relics and declare them to be genuine. Alf is sent for and after talking to the Professor agrees to call off the bulldozers, saying that the relics are an exciting find. Spider, Toyah, Roy and Emily celebrate saving the Rec. Realising the brooch to be genuine and perhaps valuable, Les gropes around in the mud trying to find it. Samantha tells Des that she needs him and pleads with him to take her back but he refuses. Fiona is scared of the birth and pleads with Steve to stay with her. He agrees.


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