Episode 4356
Episode 4356
Production code P694/4356
ITV transmission date 22nd February 1998 (Sunday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Di Burrows
Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Peter Mills
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Michael Kerrigan
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 20th February 1998
Next episode 23rd February 1998


Samantha decides to leave Weatherfield and move to London. Curly is shocked when Eric Firman tells him that he has to deliver a fifteen-minute speech on the relationship between business and the environment. Gail tells Nick that she misses him and wants them to be friends again. He agrees to have tea with the family but is annoyed when Gail doesn't extend the invitation to include Leanne. Fiona struggles to keep control of her emotions and confesses to Steve that the future frightens her. He assures he that he'll be around for her but she tells him that he must understand there's nothing between them other than friendship. Roy tries to build up the courage to declare his love for Hayley but is lost for the right words to use. Natalie warns Des that Samantha is going to London and urges him to stop her. Leanne is furious that Nick is planning to have tea with the Platts when she's not invited. Des races to the train station but misses Samantha. When he returns home he finds she hasn't left yet. He asks her to stay with him and she is thrilled to agree.


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