Episode 4364
Episode 4364
Production code P694/4364
ITV transmission date 8th March 1998 (Sunday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Matthew Westwood
Writer Maureen Chadwick
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Laurence Moody
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 6th March 1998
Next episode 9th March 1998


Deirdre is frightened of Jon but he tells her that he had no idea she'd be arrested. He tells her that he had to lie to her just in order to have a decent life and begs her to leave the country with him. Fiona feels she's blown her chances with Steve. Chris babysits so the Websters can go out with Des and Samantha. Kevin hates having him in the house as he thinks Sally still loves him. Deirdre agrees to go to Venezuela with Jon as she wants to keep him busy until help arrives. She manages to phone the police whilst he fetches her case. Steve is upset that even with Alan off the scene, Fiona isn't interested in him. Roy is annoyed as Gail continues to try and find out why he has finished with Hayley. Jon tells Deirdre that he knows she's stalling him until the police arrive. When they finally turn up Jon agrees to go with them, telling them that Deirdre is hysterical. Sally is irritated by Kevin refusing to leave her alone with Chris. He annoys her by saying he thinks Chris fancies Samantha. Toyah tells Spider about the antifreeze, telling him she'd gladly die for him. Fiona is upset that her life is a mess and she's seen off the only man who loves her. She knows she never loved Alan as much as Steve.


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