Episode 4371
Episode 4371
Production code P694/4371
ITV transmission date 20th March 1998 (Friday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Di Burrows
Gareth Roberts
Scott Ross
Mariam Vossough
Writer Sally Wainwright
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Mike Adams
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 18th March 1998
Next episode 22nd March 1998


Ken has an awful night, having gone to the hospital with Babs Fanshawe's body and meeting her brother, Colin. Alec is concerned to keep Golden Years Agency out of the publicity. Des tells Kevin to keep his suspicions to himself and accuses him of just wanting to make trouble for Chris. Colin Fanshawe calls on Ken to talk about the funeral and ask if there's anything of Babs he'd like as a momento. Ken is forced to tell him that he wasn't her boyfriend, just a paid escort. Colin accuses him of preying on old, vulnerable women. Ken tells Alec he will never escort for him again. Deirdre is forced to drop Liz as a character witness when Mike tells her that she's unsuitable because of her gangster connections. Toyah is delighted to catch vegan Log out when she eats a bacon sandwich. Chris tells Samantha that he wants to stop seeing her as it's getting too dangerous. She is furious that he's finishing it and calls him a bastard. Ken is horrified when a reporter, Malcolm Bradford, tries to interview him over Babs' death. He refuses to comment. Spider upsets Emily by deciding to leave with Log. Liz feels worthless that she isn't considered suitable to be a character witness. Des books a weekend away but Samantha accuses him of running her life for her. She tells him it's obvious he doesn't trust her and suspects her of being unfaithful. She tells him to get rid of his paranoia before he ruins their relationship.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Ken is humiliated when everyone hears about his date. Samantha is rocked by Chris’s behaviour.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,030,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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