Deirdre is horrified when Jon is let off with a suspended sentence but she is found guilty of all counts and sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment. Chris tells Kevin he wants Sally run away with him but Sally tells them both that she can't leave. Mike is furious with the verdict whilst Emily, Ken and Liz are shocked. Ken shouts abuse at Jon as he walks free. Sally tells Kevin she's never encouraged Chris and needs him to trust her that nothing happened. Maxine returns from holidaying with James Wright. Deirdre is taken to prison where all her belongings are taken from her and she is searched. Alma doesn't understand why Mike is so worked up about Deirdre being found guilty. Samantha waits with her bag for Chris but he decides he can't be bothered with her and leaves the Street without calling for her. Deirdre is put in a cell with Jackie Dobbs, a re-offender. Deirdre can't take in what is happening to her and breaks down. Kevin is annoyed when Sally can't bring herself to tell him she loves him. Samantha is distraught when she realises Chris has left without her.


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