Judy and Gary celebrate when she discovers that she's pregnant. People avoid Jim as he stinks of booze and seems to be constantly drunk. Alec tries to tempt Jack into smoking and he nearly weakens but Vera refuses to let him and sticks a nicotine patch on his back where he can't rip it off. The Court of Appeal agrees to let Deirdre out on bail. When Maggie Veitch tells her to collect her things, Deirdre thinks she's tricking her again but when she sees Frankie she realises she is really being released. Jackie Dobbs cheers her on. Zoe can't stop Shannon crying. Deirdre leaves prison and runs into Jon as he's led in. She jeers at him and is comforted by Mike, Ken and Emily. Judy warns Gary that pregnant women often demand more sex. Ken takes Deirdre in at No.1 where she struggles to feel normal again. Nick and Leanne babysit Shannon to give him a chance to tell her about seeing Brian's killer. He doesn't know how he feels about it. They panic when Shannon makes strange noises. Emily and Liz are thrilled to have Deirdre free. The residents throw her a party at the Rovers where Mike gets carried away and kisses her, to Alma's fury. Nick fetches the Malletts whilst Leanne rings for an ambulance. Judy discovers Shannon has stopped breathing and rushes to hospital with her as Ashley and Zoe return home.


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