Episode 4393
Episode 4393
Production code P694/4393
ITV transmission date 27th April 1998 (Monday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Di Burrows
Mariam Vossough
Jim O'Hanlon
Guy Picot
Writer Catherine Hayes
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Garth Tucker
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 26th April 1998
Next episode 29th April 1998


Liz tries to be optimistic about Jim's chances of recovery but Steve fears that he'll never recover. Steve admits to Liz that Jim was drunk when he fell. Fred sees Zoe pocketing money rather than putting it in the till. Vera makes an appointment for Jack to be hypnotised by Magenta Savannah. Fred advises Ashley to keep Zoe away from the till in case she makes any mistakes with money. Vera is annoyed to see Jack smoking his pipe and breaks it in two. Des and Natalie go to the pictures together but try not to let Samantha know. Zoe rows at Judy for being pregnant and accuses her of thinking she was a terrible mother. When she catches Jack buying cigarettes in The Kabin, Vera pleads with him to stop before he dies and he agrees not to buy any. Natalie lets Des know she's interested in him but he tells her that he doesn't want anything heavy. She doesn't understand why he wants to be around her if he doesn't want sex. When Emily tells Zoe she's praying for her, Zoe flies at her, accusing her of being a hypocrite and not caring for Shannon. Emily's stunned when Zoe hits her.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Emily becomes a victim of Zoe’s frustration. And Jack seeks an alternative solution to his health problems.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,210,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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