Episode 4430
Production code P694/4430
ITV transmission date 1st July 1998 (Wednesday)
Script editor Ann McManus
Story editor Jim O'Hanlon
Story associates Di Burrows
Mariam Vossough
Matthew Jones
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Robert Khodadad
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 29th June 1998
Next episode 3rd July 1998


Maud annoys Jim by confronting him and accusing him of wanting people to pity him. She tells him it takes more bravery to live in a wheelchair than to be a soldier and that he should be grateful for still being alive. Alec tries to sign Sandy up for the Golden Years Agency. Roy and Hayley enjoy themselves sightseeing in Amsterdam. Emily and Ken try to convince Spider he'd be a good Councillor, shaking people up. They warn him that if he doesn't take his seat they will tell everyone he's a fraud. Maxine doesn't have any luck raising the deposit for the flat. Hayley is relieved that she's now a real woman and looks forward to living a normal life. Spider tells Emily and Ken he will take his seat if elected. They tell him he's going to have to change his appearance and take him for a haircut. Jim thanks Maud for her pep-talk. Greg advises Maxine to tell Fred she can't afford the flat, saying he'll then talk to him and get it cheaper. Alec gives Sandy his first escort assignment. Hayley is frustrated when Roy can't bring himself to declare his feelings for her.


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