Episode 4431
Roy hayley together
Production code P694/4431
ITV transmission date 3rd July 1998 (Friday)
Script editor Ann McManus
Story editor Jim O'Hanlon
Story associates Di Burrows
Mariam Vossough
Matthew Jones
Writer Peter Mills
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Robert Khodadad
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 1st July 1998
Next episode 5th July 1998


Hayley is sad that Roy has to return home. She questions him over his thoughts about her but he can't express himself. Spider is uncomfortable in his parted hair, suit, collar and tie. Emily organises for him to have his campaign photographs taken on the Street. After Roy has gone Hayley finds he's left her a gold watch. Greg tells Fred Maxine can't afford the flat but he can. Hayley quickily packs and rushes to the airport, telling Roy she's coming back with him. Audrey collects her professional campaign photographs and is upset as she appears so old in them. To boost her morale, Fiona and Maxine give her a beauty treatment. Sandy takes time off work to escort for Alec. Vera is annoyed when he's spotted in town when he's meant to be ill. Hayley and Roy return home but she is stopped by an Immigration Officer as her passport says she's a man. Vera realises Sandy is acting as an escort for Alec and sacks him.


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