Episode 4448
Episode 4448
Production code P694/4448
ITV transmission date 2nd August 1998 (Sunday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Di Burrows
Matthew Jones
Mariam Vossough
Writer Maureen Chadwick
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Will Brenton
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 31st July 1998
Next episode 3rd August 1998


Rita is annoyed when Alec tells Ken that they are an "item". Curly feels insecure about his image and is horrified when Alma assumes that he's in his early forties as he's only thirty-five. Alec is dismayed when Rita remembers nothing of their talk of sharing the future together. She accuses him of making it up and is hostile towards him. Lorraine arranges to go dancing with Spider and puts Toyah off when she invites herself along. Toyah feels that Spider has taken advantage of her feelings for him. Maxine tackles Greg as to why he keeps making excuses not to see her but he talks her round. Sally is embarrassed when Kevin joins Greg for a chat, telling him about his plans for the future. Lorraine and Spider go to a 1980s night at a nightclub. Lorraine doesn't know how to cope with his bizarre dancing and is furious when Toyah turns up and dances with him. Rita realises that Alec is sincere when he tells her how wearing her behaviour is being. She is upset to realise she's forgotten all about saying they could move to being more than friends. Lorraine is fed up when Spider feels responsible for Toyah and insists on taking her home. She accuses him of being more interested in Toyah than her but he swears he isn't and invites her to stay the night at No.3 as Emily is away. She agrees. Greg lets Sally believe that he's spending the night alone when really Maxine is in his bed.


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