Episode 4450
Episode 4450
Production code P694/4450
ITV transmission date 5th August 1998 (Wednesday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Di Burrows
Matthew Jones
Mariam Vossough
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Will Brenton
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 3rd August 1998
Next episode 7th August 1998


Alec insists on Rita seeing a doctor as she keeps forgetting how ill she is. The doctor says it's the after-effects of the poisoning and says she's stuck with it until it slowly clears. Alec assures the doctor he'll look after her. She refuses to give up The Kabin. Spider and Lorraine decide to throw a party whilst Emily's away. He is stung when Toyah ignores him. Spider tells Toyah that he values her friendship but she feels she's been sidelined. Fred encourages Audrey to get the Council to make the world's longest sausage for the Millennium. He is staggered to discover the record is already twenty-eight miles. Vera fears Alec is hatching a plot with Rita to oust the Duckworths from the Rovers. Audrey enjoys Fred's attention and goes to dinner with him. Alf is furious when he hears about it. Rita absentmindedly leaves The Kabin keys in the lock.


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Audrey Roberts: "... And the women councillors - honestly, Fred. I don't think I'm on the same planet as them. Do you know, if I was to mention Giorgio Armani, they'd think he was a communist hero!"
Fred Elliott: "Aye, well... not everybody's into football are they?"

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