Kevin is troubled when Maxine tells him that she saw Sally in Greg's flat with a bottle of wine. Hearing that Rita's memory is going, Les accuses her of short-changing him by £10. She is certain she hasn't but Alec gives Les £10 of his own money. Ida pushes the girls to demand Hayley's reinstatement but Mike warns them that Ida is a troublemaker and he's not putting up with being bullied. Kevin tackles Sally about her drinking with Greg but she makes him feel wrong-footed by accusing him of suspecting her of being unfaithful. She points out that Greg is going out with Maxine who is younger and sexier than she is. He feels foolish and ends up apologising for not trusting her. Hayley tells the workers that Mike sacked her because he'd taken on too many staff. Alma tells Mike she'll never forgive him for sacking Hayley. Eric Firman tells Curly that he's retiring and has sold Firman's Freezers to Freshco's, a big American firm. Curly is depressed, thinking he'll be sacked. Mike tells Alma and Hayley he can't stand Alma nagging him so she can have her job back. Hayley tells him that she's not sure if she wants to work for him again. Rita hears that Alec gave Les £10 and accuses him of patronising her, thinking she's going senile. Sally presses Greg to say he's prepared to take on Sophie and Rosie as well as her.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sally plans a future with Greg. Curly’s career looks set to take a downturn.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,380,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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