Episode 4458
Episode 4458
Production code P694/4458
ITV transmission date 19th August 1998 (Wednesday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Di Burrows
Matthew Jones
Mariam Vossough
Writer Martin Allen
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Laurence Moody
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 17th August 1998
Next episode 21st August 1998


Greg suggests to Sally that she leaves Kevin but that they don't go public for a while as it might hamper her divorce settlement. He thinks it would be perfect if Kevin started seeing Natalie again then he could be the guilty party. Ida and the girls celebrate when Hayley returns to work. Mike tells Hayley that he just wants to forget about the whole incident. Hayley is pleased to be back but doesn't like lying to the girls. Kevin is amazed when Sally suggests their problems may stem from the fact that he still loves Natalie. Mike warns Hayley not to tell the girls the truth as they'll think she's a weirdo and refuse to work with her. Rita cooks Alec a meal to clear the air but is annoyed when he asks her to marry him again. Kevin struggles to understand when Sally says she'd understand if he resumed his affair with Natalie. Rita tells Alec that she can't marry him, she only wants him as a friend.


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