Episode 4467
Episode 4467
Production code P694/4467
ITV transmission date 4th September 1998 (Friday)
Story editor Ann McManus
Story associates Di Burrows
Mariam Vossough
Writer Phil Ford
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Michael Kerrigan
Jim O'Hanlon (Uncredited)
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 2nd September 1998
Next episode 6th September 1998


Les and Janice grow frustrated as the police hunt for Neil Flynn and Toyah. Sally worries about what Kevin has found out. Kevin tells the girls that Sally has moved out. The police bring Neil in. He has to be protected as Janice goes for him. Greg enjoys having Sally to himself but isn't keen when she talks about bringing the girls to live in his flat. He advises her to wait a while. Curly is horrified to receive an extortion letter at Freshco's, demanding £100,000. He tells Anne that they shouldn't call in the police as it could be from Spider and Toyah. Impatient Les threatens to thump Neil and has to be restrained by the police. Sally is distraught as she watches Kevin looking after the girls. Neil admits to taking Toyah to Epping Forest but says she ran away from him. The police search the forest with Janice and Les. Curly confronts Spider with the letter but he swears that he never wrote it. Alec and Rita decide that they're too old to marry and that they may as well live together. The Rovers is valued at £60,000. Alec gives the Duckworths a cheque for £30,000. Kevin changes the locks and tells Sally she can only see the children when he says so. Alec plans to run the Rovers with Rita but she refuses, telling him that he has to stand by his agreement and not throw the Duckworths into the street. Janice and Les are relieved when badly-shaken Toyah is found.


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