Steve asks Maxine not to make Fiona suffer by telling her about them. Anne places the beetroot amongst the others in Freshco's. Curly receives a letter, warning that beetroot has been tampered with. He has all the jars checked and finds glass in one. Steve tells Jim that he's marrying Fiona and is pleased when he offers congratulations. Sally is frustrated by the time it's taking for her to get the girls back. When Curly has his afternoon off, Anne calls in the police and voices her suspicions that Curly is the blackmailer. Later she calls on Curly at home and replaces his book. Alec is frustrated by the Duckworths' attitude as they only do what he asks them to do and nothing else. Vera suggests he calms down before he has a heart attack. Maxine gets annoyed when Fiona goes on about how trustworthy Steve is compared to Greg. She hits back by telling Fiona about her night with Steve. Sally is upset when Kevin refuses to let her see or talk to the girls. Curly is stunned when the police search his house and find the book with words cut out. He is arrested. Fiona tells Steve about Maxine's revelation and is confused when he is outraged, assuring her that Maxine's made it all up.


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