Episode 4472
Episode 4472
Production code P694/4472
ITV transmission date 13th September 1998 (Sunday)
Story editor Graham Carlisle
Story associates Di Burrows
Mariam Vossough
Nick West
Writer Phil Ford
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Noreen Kershaw
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 11th September 1998
Next episode 14th September 1998


Steve sleeps on the sofa but insists that Maxine is just jealous of Fiona. Curly has been charged with trying to extort money from Freshco's and bailed. DI Fox tells Anne that Curly thinks she planted the book. She tells him that Curly was in love with her and obviously the extortion is his revenge. Alma overhears and realises that Anne has set Curly up. Steve accuses Maxine of wrecking Fiona's life and tells her only she can make things right. He points out that unless she tells Fiona she lied, she'll lose her job. Emily and Spider worry about Curly when he disappears. Fiona accuses Steve of betraying her and tells him that he makes her feel worthless. He is adamant that Maxine is lying. Rita gets frustrated as the builder fails to turn up and she's left with a huge hole in her wall. Alma receives a note from Curly telling her that he's going on the run as he doesn't want to go to jail. Emily and Spider worry over the implications with her. Maxine tells Fiona that she lied about Steve because she was jealous. She is horrified when Fiona ends their friendship and sacks her.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 8.00pm to allow for an earlier edition of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?.
  • This, and subsequent episodes, had to be hurriedly re-written to explain the absence of Curly Watts following Kevin Kennedy having to be admitted to a clinic to deal with his alcoholism.
  • TV Times synopsis: With the case against him mounting, Curly takes drastic action. Steve brings Maxine round to his way of thinking.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,860,000 viewers (6th place - combined figure including repeat).
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