Fiona asks Audrey if she wants to buy the salon. Maxine asks Fiona for a reference but isn't given one. Greg hopes that Sally won't bring the girls round anymore but she thinks they need to see more of him. Vera points out to Jack that they both need to sign their passbook to get money out of the building society. Kevin confides in Martin that he loves and hates Sally and he's frightened to be alone with her in case of what he might do. Gail suggests to Roy that Hayley might not want to live on her own. Jack gets Vera to sign a building society form saying only his signature is needed to take money out. Audrey tries to raise the money to buy the salon and asks Maxine to work for her. When Alf isn't keen to invest, she asks Fred for financial help. To spoil Sally's night out with Greg, Kevin tells her that she'll have to look after the girls as he's going out. When Greg accuses Kevin of just making Sally feel guilty, Kevin hits him.


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