Natalie celebrates her birthday and engagement. Kevin is stung when he hears that Natalie is marrying Des. Sally is shocked when Greg copies Mike's database so he can steal his customers. Liz is torn as she is attracted to Michael Wall but feels that she mustn't cheat on Jim. Alma is amazed when she's promoted to temporary manager at Freshco's by Regional Manager Aiden O'Donnell. She turns it down when she realises that it's to stop her telling anybody else about what has happened. Kevin rows with Sally when he finds her drinking with Greg in the Rovers, having left the girls with a childminder. He tells Natalie that she's making a mistake marrying Des. He gets drunk and proposes to her himself. Jim thinks he'd never have made such progress without Michael's help. Alma is annoyed when Mike tells her that she wouldn't be any good managing a supermarket. Alec throws Kevin out of the pub. He tells Mike that Sally and Greg have set up in business together and are stealing his orders.


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