Episode 4513
Episode 4513
Production code P694/4513
ITV transmission date 23rd November 1998 (Monday)
Script editor Di Burrows
Story associates Mariam Vossough
Pamela Woods
Steve Hughes
Nick West
Writer Catherine Hayes
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Brian Mills
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 22nd November 1998
Next episode 25th November 1998


Deirdre makes it clear to Jackie Dobbs that she wants her to go but Jackie keeps thanking her for being a mate. Gail refuses to talk about moving the cafe, annoying Roy. Ashley donates old stock to the Etheric Foundation for the homeless although he's angered to discover they've told Zoe that she can talk to Shannon. Nick feels uncomfortable when Miranda Peters tries to befriend him. Jackie gets Deirdre to introduce her to the residents and cadges drinks off them all. She makes a big play for Les who can't believe his luck. Miranda takes Nick back to her house and shows him her sculptures. She asks him to pose for her as a private commission for £300. He agrees. Ashley accuses Ben of filling Zoe's head with rubbish. Zoe tells Ashley that he doesn't understand; she will talk to Shannon.


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