Episode 4514
Episode 4514
Production code P694/4514
ITV transmission date 25th November 1998 (Wednesday)
Script editor Di Burrows
Story associates Mariam Vossough
Pamela Woods
Steve Hughes
Nick West
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Brian Mills
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 23rd November 1998
Next episode 27th November 1998


Deirdre feels depressed on her wedding anniversary. Fred decides to raffle a luxury hamper in the shop, telling Audrey that if she invites him for Christmas dinner he'll make certain she wins it. Zoe upsets Natalie by saying that Des died because she is a sinner. Outraged Lorraine throws her out. Ashley feels Zoe has no time for him anymore and that the Etheric Foundation is taking over her life. Natalie returns to work as she can't face being alone. Jackie entertains Les in Deirdre's flat. He gets her drunk but just as they get physical, Deirdre returns and throws him out. Ashley is furious when Zoe tells him that she's not going to have sex with him anymore. He begs her not to shut him out.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit




  • This episode was broadcast at 9.45pm to allow for coverage of Champions League football.
  • TV Times synopsis: Zoe falls out with Leanne over her new-found beliefs.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,390,000 viewers (8th place - combined figure including repeat).

Notable dialogueEdit

Alec Gilroy: "Now see, Mrs Roberts is a good customer. She doesn't come in here to be insulted."
Jackie Dobbs: Where does she go then? the pet shop?"


Alec Gilroy (about Les Battersby): "The man's a beast in human form. Well, almost human."

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