Episode 4518
Episode 4518
Production code P694/4518
ITV transmission date 2nd December 1998 (Wednesday)
Script editor Di Burrows
Story associates Steve Hughes
Mariam Vossough
Pamela Woods
Nick West
Writer Phil Ford
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Jim O'Hanlon
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 30th November 1998
Next episode 4th December 1998


Leanne convinces herself that Nick is being unfaithful. She finds Miranda Peters' phone number and address in the phone book. Fred tells Ashley that he can't run Zoe's life and if she's happy with her new friends then he shouldn't interfere. Jackie badgers Mike until he agrees to give her a machinist's job. Zoe tells Ashley that she's going to be purified to become one of Nirab's followers. Greg spends Sally's money entertaining clients for expensive meals whilst she and the girls can only afford to eat beans on toast. Deirdre is stunned to hear Jackie's going to be working at Underworld. Leanne spies on Nick and Miranda at her house. When she sees Nick taking his clothes off she bursts into the house. Miranda and Nick explain how he's modelling for her and show her Miranda's sketches but Leanne calls her a pervert. Ben accuses Ashley of being small-minded and viewing Zoe as a possession. He tells Ashley that Zoe is better off without him. Greg gets drunk when he fails to clinch a deal. When Sally gets upset over her money being spent, he assaults her and throws her across the room.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Greg snaps under pressure, and again Sally bears the brunt. Leanne catches Nick in a compromising position.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,570,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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