Episode 452
Production code P228/452
ITV transmission date 12th April 1965 (Monday)
Stories by George Reed
Pam Tickell
Writer Jim Allen
Designer Peter Caldwell
Director Christopher McMaster
Producer H.V. Kershaw
Previous episode 7th April 1965
Next episode 14th April 1965


Len plans to spend some time in Nottingham with Jerry running the Builder's Yard. The residents buy the Barlows a pram set. Val returns, with Peter and Susan still in hospital putting on weight. Willie Piggott shows Len the houses. Len tells him that he'll decide before he goes to Nottingham. Piggott tells Elsie he's sure Len will go in with him as Len has nothing going for him in Weatherfield. Len thinks of offering Jerry a partnership when he gets back from Nottingham. Piggott is angry with the news that Len won't be working with him.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


Notable dialogueEdit

Annie Walker: "One does get rather tired of the dreary landscape. The desert of bricks and cobbled streets. Blackened chimneys piercing the sultry sky like jagged teeth".


Valerie Barlow: "Sometimes I do feel that I'd like to look out of the window, and see a tree instead of a wall. Collect washing off a line that wasn't soiled with dirt and soot. Maybe have a garden instead of a window box. But how much sympathy and feeling can you get out of a houseful of mod-cons when you're feeling low and depressed and can't cope?"

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