Episode 4540
Episode 4540
Production code P694/4540
ITV transmission date 10th January 1999 (Sunday)
Script editor Pamela Woods
Story editor David Lane
Story associates Di Burrows
Steve Hughes
Mariam Vossough
Nick West
Writer Phil Ford
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Terry Dyddgen-Jones
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer David Hanson
Previous episode 8th January 1999
Next episode 11th January 1999


Les tries to get round Toyah but ends up threatening her to keep her mouth shut. Fred and Ashley open their new counter in Freshco's. They tempt customers away from the tinned meat by offering samples. Natalie has the pub redecorated and decides the Rovers needs more life. Roy celebrates when he gets the coffee machine to work. Janice is annoyed when Les changes their holiday in Paris to one in Las Vegas. She insists that they go to Paris but he invites Jackie to join him in Vegas. Alma tells Jackie that she can rent No.7 but insists on her having a rent book and treating the arrangement seriously. Nita annoys Maud by stressing that she's the manager of the shop. Toyah assures Les she won't tell anyone but makes certain he knows that she doesn't approve. Ashley tries to befriend Nita but she's not interested in him. Kevin is nervous as he takes Alison out for a meal. When he is dropping her at her parents' house she gets upset when she catches him looking at his watch and storms off.


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