Episode 4552
Episode 4552
Production code P694/4552
ITV transmission date 31st January 1999 (Sunday)
Script editor Pamela Woods
Story editor David Lane
Story associates Di Burrows
Steve Hughes
Mariam Vossough
Nick West
Writer Phil Ford
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer David Hanson
Previous episode 29th January 1999
Next episode 1st February 1999


Fred is horrified when Ashley tells him that Nita is Ravi Desai's daughter and has been planted as a spy. Jack is interested to hear there's a vacancy for steward at the golf club as the previous man in the role, Bernard Bottomley, has died. Kevin worries that he'll lose custody of the girls now Sally has a garden. Martin is concerned for Weatherfield Vale resident Walter Byford who is off his food. Walter explains that he's worried about his sister who is in a different home on the other side of Weatherfield. Fred gets Audrey to tell him about a new housing estate being built on the Red Rec to make Nita think there's going to be more customers available. Sally agrees to let Sharon lodge at No.6 until she gets custody of the children. Lorraine is thrilled when Steve flirts with her. Ravi is shocked when Fred says he's decided not to sell the shop. Nita explains to her father that it's because of the new estate being built.


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  • Due to Maggie Jones falling ill, a scene in which Blanche packs her bags, saying she's outstayed her welcome, only for Deirdre to feel guilty and asking her to stay was cut from the script.
  • TV Times synopsis: Fred cooks up a scheme to rip off the Desais. Sally gets a lodger.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,410,000 viewers (6th place - combined figure including repeat).
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