Episode 4564
Episode 4564
Production code P694/4564
ITV transmission date 21st February 1999 (Sunday)
Script editor Pamela Woods
Story editor David Lane
Story associates Di Burrows
Steve Hughes
Mariam Vossough
Nick West
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Ged Maguire
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer David Hanson
Previous episode 19th February 1999
Next episode 22nd February 1999


Sharon starts to sell bread and milk to hit at Nita. Roy and Hayley prepare the new cafe on Victoria Street for opening. A Social Services official inspects Weatherfield Vale, to Martin's surprise. Gerald Lickley blames Martin, calls him a troublemaker and sacks him. Les tries to get an extension lead running from Curly's observatory to No.5 but Jackie catches him and refuses to let him nick her electric. Janice asks the Tilsleys to lend her money but Nick refuses, knowing it'll just end up in Les's pocket. Ken and Deirdre chat about their disastrous pasts and acknowledge how good they were for each other. Sharon warns Nita that Rita is a popular resident and people might start boycotting the shop. Ian gets annoyed when she insists on keeping The Kabin open into the evening. He complains that he never sees her. Steve gives Vik his accounts to go through. Hayley pulls out a nail sticking from the cafe's skirting board. The nail was holding in a leak in the water pipe and water starts to pour out.


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