Kevin assures Sophie that whatever the courts decide she must remember both he and Sally love her very much. Sophie tells him that she's sad they can't all live together. Hayley and Steve arrange for a cooking stall to be delivered to Roy so he can serve food outside the cafe. Nick helps him serve. Sally and Kevin go to court. She is devastated when his solicitor Mr Daventry makes her out to be an irresponsible, emotionally volatile woman with nothing to offer her children. Maxine is upset to hear Vik has been lying to her when Nita tells her that he isn't a qualified accountant as he failed his exams. Sally's lawyer blames the break-up of the Websters' marriage on Kevin's affair and suggests he only wants custody of the children to hurt Sally. Les discovers that Mike didn't give Janice a sub and accuses her of prostituting herself for the money. She tells him that she pawned her jewellery for it and is stunned to discover Charlie West has paid him in toilet rolls rather than money. Kevin creates a scene in the court when the Judge awards custody to Sally. She is victorious.


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