Audrey assures Fred that she won't tell anyone about him having a son. She is keen to know more but he won't say anything else. Mike is at a loss over what to do about Greg. Natalie thinks there can't be anything wrong with Jack or he'd have taken advantage of going to hospital to skive, unaware that he is in great pain which he refuses to show in case he's sacked. Vera is forced to help him by secretly bringing up crates from the cellar. Greg arranges for Mike to meet him in a lay-by to exchange money and negatives. Ashley is bemused when Audrey questions him about his family. She gets uncomfortable when he asks her about Gail and Stephen's fathers. Mike gets Deirdre to keep Alma occupied whilst he organises a Heavy, and tells Greg he'll only meet him at the factory, having no intention of paying him. Audrey confides in Maxine about Fred having a son. Sally is horrified when Greg lets himself into her house and takes holds of Sophie.


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