Mike is jealous of Ravi seeing Alma and is annoyed when Linda keeps on at him to go public with their affair. Rosie gets Alison to make her a packed lunch although she's meant to have school dinners. Maxine is down as she fears she won't find an available church until the spring. Sally is furious to find Rosie playing Alison off against her and tells Kevin that if Alison is so perfect they should look after Rosie for the whole week and sort out her problems. Gail phones Nick and tells him about Leanne's demands. She agrees to take care of the matter as he hasn't any money. Martin despairs. When Linda continues to cheek Deirdre, Mike asks her to stop and not rock the boat. Tyrone moves into the Park Road B&B and assures the Duckworths that he hasn't told his mother where he is. Alison is annoyed when Kevin tells her they have to have Rosie for the week. Alma is pleased when Mike invites her out for a meal. Ashley pushes Maxine to move in with him, saying the money they save in her rent could pay for their honeymoon.


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Kevin Webster (about Vera Duckworth's cooking): "She only put a real toad in Toad in the Hole."
Tyrone Dobbs: "Eh, I'll tell her what you said."
Kevin Webster: "And Jack's not been the same since she gave him Coq au Vin!"

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