Alison accuses Kevin of being a coward when he expects her to tell Rosie she has to have school dinners. She reminds him that she's not Rosie's mother. Gail gives Leanne a cheque for £2,000, saying that's all she can have. She refuses to sign the cheque until Leanne signs the divorce papers. Leanne is forced to agree. Melanie Tindel confesses to Maxine that she doesn't like her fiancé but feels she can't stop the wedding as it means so much to her parents. Maxine tells her not to be stupid and put a stop to the wedding before it's too late. She realises that if Melanie cancels there'll be a wedding slot free in September. Mike takes Alma out for a meal but smarts when he finds out it's the same restaurant she visited with Ravi. She calms him and suggests they see if they can talk to each other decently. He gets annoyed when she keeps talking about advice that Ravi has given her. She flares up accuses Mike of never having listened to her. She's humiliated when he walks out on her. Vik takes Leanne to the casino and loses all his money. He is grateful when she still supports him. Linda waits around for Mike to return to see if he has Alma with him. He is touched by her jealousy. Jack worries about his future and is annoyed with himself for treating his body badly in the past.


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