Leanne accuses Spider of not being sensitive enough to know how to treat Toyah. Maxine is furious when Ashley admits he's scared of flying. She refuses to honeymoon in the UK and tells him to sort himself out. Audrey makes her change her mind by saying it's fashionable to be scared of flying. Mike is delighted to see Ken pushing trolleys at Freshco's. Terry asks Sharon to help him pick a wedding anniversary present for his parents. Spider tells Toyah that he's seeing her now as a woman and not a child and it's confusing him. Gary and Kevin lecture Tom and Ashley about being manly and dealing with women. Tom is sceptical but Ashley feels he must stand up to Maxine. He tells them that he wants Gary as his best man. Maxine makes a fuss of him over his phobia and is so nice to him that he chickens out of telling her that Gary is his best man. Toyah helps Spider over his confusion by kissing him.


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