Alison blames Kevin for her mugging, accusing him of abandoning her in favour of Sally. The Duckworths celebrate their forty-second anniversary. Mike is surprised when Deirdre tells him that Linda has asked her to return. He promises her a pay increase and the title "factory manager" and is delighted when she agrees to return to work. Alison is furious to discover Kevin has told Sally they've had a row. She feels their relationship isn't going to work as he never puts her first. Linda makes the arrangements for a Far East business trip, telling Mike they can go now that Deirdre's back at Underworld. Toyah talks Roy into letting her cook a romantic meal for Spider in the cafe. Maxine is annoyed when she hears from Judy that Gary is to be Ashley's best man. Linda is thrilled when Mike books them a three-week holiday in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bali. Terry gives his parents a silver picture frame but Jack throws him out of the house. Terry tells him that everyone deserves a second chance. Alison packs her bags but Kevin stops her from leaving by proposing. She is thrilled and accepts.


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