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Episode 466 (31st May 1965)

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Episode 466
Production code P228/466
ITV transmission date 31st May 1965 (Monday)
Stories by George Reed
Pam Tickell
Writer Jack Rosenthal
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Michael Cox
Producer Howard Baker
Previous episode 26th May 1965
Next episode 2nd June 1965


Charlie returns the money to his boss. The Lindleys grow desperate to sell the shop. Hilda appears much happier. Ena and Minnie watch as the militaristic Lionel Petty views the shop. They realise he is Sandra's father. She tells them she saw the shop advertised and persuaded Lionel to look at it, planning to capture Dennis. Swindley plans to leave the area and Emily is made supervisor at the Mission of Glad Tidings. David is offered a two-year contract as player-coach with Weatherfield Athletics on £35 a week. He takes the post. Swindley says his goodbyes and leaves. Sandra tells Dennis she idolises him and knows that he will grow to love her. She tells him that she's going to marry him and doesn't care how long it takes.


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