Episode 4688
Production code P694/4688
ITV transmission date 26th September 1999 (Sunday)
Script editor Pamela Woods
Story editor Mariam Vossough
Story associates Di Burrows
Steve Hughes
Nick West
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Julian Perkins
Christopher Walker
Director Garth Tucker
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer David Hanson
Previous episode 24th September 1999
Next episode 27th September 1999


Emily tries to comfort the twins and rings for an ambulance. She raises the alarm and breaks down when Ken feels Judy's pulse and realises she's dead. Sharon comes round after taking some pills and is filled with self-disgust at trying to kill herself. Natalie goes to the wedding to bring Gary home, saying Judy is ill. He is concerned and rushes home only to discover she's dead. He embraces her body and cries over her, not believing she's dead. Rita discovers Sharon's flat full of pills and drink. Sharon tells her she's sunk as low as she can get and couldn't even do a proper job of suicide. Gary breaks down, remembering Judy is the only woman he's ever loved. He doesn't understand why she died.


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Guest castEdit



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