Gary struggles to cope with the twins. Vera breaks down when she hears the news and tries to comfort him. Ashley can't bring himself to get on the plane to go on their honeymoon for fear of it crashing or blowing up. Maxine realises he's serious and tells him that they don't need to go. Seeing her willing to sacrifice her holiday, he puts on a brave face and they fly off to the Caribbean. Vinny suggests to Natalie that he brews beer to sell at the pub. Sharon is stunned when Ian turns up, alarmed by the message on his answerphone. He demands to know why she sounded so suicidal. The doctors tell Gary that Judy died of an embolism caused by the bang on her leg. He is furious that he didn't force her to see a doctor. Ian tells Sharon that he's never stopped thinking about her. Vinny nags at Natalie until she agrees to let him brew a barrel of beer in the cellar. Jim tells Gary that Vera's car was a cut and shut and was a death trap. Gary is furious.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Gary wants to get to the bottom of Judy’s death; Sharon has a surprise visitor; and Ashley’s fears threaten to ruin the honeymoon.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,250,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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