Ena learns about her family in America that she never knew existed. She hasn't seen her brother Tom since he left in 1912 and they lost touch not long afterwards. Val tries to interest Ken in buying a car instead of a house as she doesn't want to move. Stan takes on Albert in a beer and cheese contest when Charlie assures him that the beer drinker always wins, donating half a pound of cheese he picked up for Hilda. Albert effortlessly scoffs the cheese before Stan can sup a pint with a teaspoon. The noise bothers Lucille so Elsie lets her use her parlour to study for her exams. While she's there, Sandra calls looking for Dennis. Lucille thinks she's only after Dennis to get away from Lionel. The residents boycott the shop when Lionel is short with Ena. He's bitter when it carries on despite him buying a round of drinks at the Rovers. Ena's great-nephew Tom shows Ena some family photos and reads a letter from her brother. She's touched to hear her brother's kind words. Tom passes on his grandfather's invitation for Ena to stay with them in Nebraska. Emily takes names for the visit to the Speedwell cavern. Sandra buys tickets for herself and "a friend", while Lionel turns her down, refusing to suck up to his customers. Ena and Minnie sign up, Ena not having decided yet whether she's going to America. Sid Lambert asks David to start at Weatherfield Athletic in two weeks' time. Ena takes Tom to the Rovers and introduces him to everyone. Annie casually mentions to Tom that Ena's too set in her ways to fly to America. The comment prompts a listening Ena to make up her mind - she's definitely going.


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  • This episode contains no cast or production credits.
  • TV Times synopsis: In which the Street plans to go down and Ena plans to go up
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,840,000 homes (1st place).
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