Sharon is shame-faced when Fred tells her that she means the world to Rita. Gail is annoyed when Nita tells her that Sarah tried to buy cigarettes from the shop. Nita is horrified when she learns Vik has gone alcohol smuggling with Steve with £1,000 of the takings. Rita is hostile towards Sharon and is sickened when the estate agent, Mr Dolan, calls round. Sharon accuses her of over reacting. Martin tells Gail to calm down over Sarah smoking, telling her it's just a phase. Tyrone considers racing Monica. Les is stunned to be summonsed to the DSS again and this time not to see Spider. He is interviewed by Miss Finch, the fraud investigation officer who quizzes him about the benefit he's been claiming and shows him photographs taken of him at work. Gary goes for Shane Mallett when he takes the twins for a walk when he's asleep. He threatens to kill Shane if he touches them again. Angry Shane packs and returns to Newcastle. Sharon accuses Rita of wanting her marriage to fall apart and decides she wants rid of The Kabin as soon as possible. Les is horrified when Miss Finch tells him that he'll be prosecuted. Gail lectures Sarah on the evils of nicotine. Janice is furious to discover Les has been signing on whilst working. Les goes for Spider, accusing him of putting the DSS onto him. Spider doesn't know what he's talking about but Emily steps in and tells Les that he's got what he deserves.


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