Episode 4720
Episode 4720
Production code P694/4720
ITV transmission date 21st November 1999 (Sunday)
Script editor Pamela Woods
Story editor Mariam Vossough
Story associates Nick West
Steve Hughes
Darren Fairhurst
Paula Currie
Writer Julie Gearey
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Stephen Butcher
Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 19th November 1999
Next episode 22nd November 1999


Gail is annoyed when Martin doesn't back her up when she refuses to buy Sarah new shoes. Martin gives Sarah money behind her back. Fred looks forward to the Freshco's weekend thinking it will be luxurious. Jack steals Vera's fluffy slipper to use as a hare and joins Vinny and Fred in training Monica. Sarah takes a job delivering papers for The Kabin. Vik resents having to work for Dev. Audrey tries to interest people in the Council's Millennium party (complete with VIP dinner for invited guests only) but Roy takes up the call that it's elitist and unethical. He suggests the locals organise their own party. Martin tries to make things up to Gail by cooking her a special meal but the mood is ruined when she discovers that he gave Sarah money for shoes. She accuses him of undermining her and reminds him that until he has a vasectomy there'll be no sex.


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