Gail is furious to discover Sarah Louise has got a paper round and tells her that she can't do it. Customs & Excise write to Steve saying they won't prosecute but want £600 before he can have his van back. An RSPCA man, Mr Robinson, calls at the Park Road B&B after receiving a complaint about Monica savaging an animal. Jack is forced to admit the animal was Vera's slipper. She is furious. Sharon is miffed when Rita tells her that she's altered her will and won't be getting anything from her other than the £45,000 for the shop. Gary feels uncertain whether or not to claim benefits. When his mortgage is paid off with Judy's life insurance he doesn't like it as he feels he's benefiting from her death. Martin convinces Gail to allow Sarah to do papers in the mornings. Sharon has enough of people getting at her over taking Rita's money. Ian tells her they don't need to stay and they could go on honeymoon. Steve offers Kevin his van for £2,000 with £600 up front but he's not interested.


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