Mike is kept in a police cell all night. The Freshco's team stumble through the moors all night. Ashley worries that Fred can't cope whilst Curly turns into a dictator, bossing the others around. Nita challenges his leadership and takes charge. Fred twists his ankle so Curly suggests leaving him. Ashley refuses to abandon him and Nita suggests they carry him between them. They bear him on an old gate and are sympathetic towards him until they find him secretly eating chocolate. Even Ashley turns on Fred. Curly is forced to hand control over to Nita when the others look to her. Blanche offers her services to Rita as an assistant and doesn't give her chance to refuse. Back at the Lodge, Fred tells the organisers how Curly wanted to leave him on the moors. Mike goes to court, is fined £500 and banned from driving for a year. He feels humiliated. Sally and Danny go for dinner at the Platts' but there's an emergency at the hospital so Martin is late getting home, annoying Gail. Freshco boss James Kitching takes an interest in Nita's progress. She is thrilled.


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