Episode 4743
Episode 4743
Production code P694/4743
ITV transmission date 29th December 1999 (Wednesday)
Script editor Di Burrows
Story editor Mariam Vossough
Story associates Nick West
Steve Hughes
Kathleen Beedles
Paula Currie
Writer Jan McVerry
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Noreen Kershaw
Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 27th December 1999
Next episode 31st December 1999


Linda spends the night at Nita's house and struggles with the machinists' delight in her situation. Alma thinks its hysterical that Sergei Kasparov has proposed to Audrey. Steve advises Leanne to pay Jez off as soon as she can, saying he's no angel. Tom tells Audrey that Duggie is planning to open a salon round the corner. Tom tells Duggie to accept he wants nothing to do with him. Jez orders Leanne to pay him the £200 she owes him. She is horrified it's built up so much. He advises her to steal from the Rovers' till. Roy feels defeated when the Town Hall tell him that the Street can't be closed for the Millennium party. The residents urge him to press on regardless and reclaim the Street. Gail tells Audrey she can't seriously contemplate Sergei's proposal and reminds her that Alf hasn't been dead a year. Audrey tells her that she's sick of being alone and wants someone to look after her. Rebecca moves her things out of her home. Audrey tells Sergei she can't accept the fact she's getting old and invisible to people. Leanne is tempted to steal from the petty cash but stops herself, realising she can't steal from Natalie. Audrey thanks Sergei for making her feel needed, although she knows it's just a fantasy. He tells her that he's serious but is interrupted by the police who arrest him for jumping ship. Audrey is horrified to realise he was only after a passport.


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