Audrey feels Sergei Kasparov was her last chance to get a man. Jez tells Leanne that he's arranged to have the Rovers robbed at night and all she has to do is unlock the door. She is appalled by the idea and refuses but he frightens her into agreeing to help. Danny tells Kevin that he won't ever try and replace him in the girls' lives. Kevin decides to visit Alison and ask her to marry him. Jerry Hopkins finds Rebecca and Martin chatting together and accuses them of being lovers. He tells Martin that she's a liar and not to be trusted. Martin sees him off for her. Leanne tells Jez where Natalie keeps the takings.


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Roy Cropper: "Are you telling me these bollards are stolen?"
Ken Barlow: "Not stolen... borrowed. The van's stolen!"
Spider Nugent: "He's joking!"
Roy Cropper; "Oh well, it's the last Millennium party I'm getting involved in."

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