Episode 4750
Episode 4750
Production code P694/4750
ITV transmission date 10th January 2000 (Monday)
Script editor Di Burrows
Story editor Nick West
Story associates Steve Hughes
Kathleen Beedles
Writer Catherine Hayes
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Garth Tucker
Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 9th January 2000
Next episode 12th January 2000


Leanne returns to work. Sally is pleased for Kevin and Alison over their engagement but stunned to hear she's also pregnant. Dev is horrified when Amy Goskirke tracks him down from Birmingham. She begs him not to be cold to her and is upset when he physically throws her out of the shop. Alison starts back at Underworld and delights in telling her friends about the baby. Norris finds Amy crying in the Street and takes her to the Rovers. She offers her services to Natalie as barmaid and is taken on straight away. Gwen is stunned when Jim admits that he once hit Liz. She can't believe she's fallen for a violent man again. Leanne can't cope with everyone congratulating her on being so heroic and breaks down. She tells Natalie that the whole robbery was a set-up job and that she needed money for drugs. Natalie is furious with her and tells her to get out of her sight.


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