Episode 475
Production code P228/475
ITV transmission date 30th June 1965 (Wednesday)
Stories by George Reed
Pam Tickell
Writer H.V. Kershaw
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Richmond Harding
Producer Howard Baker
Previous episode 28th June 1965
Next episode 5th July 1965


Annie gives Jack a hard time when Arthur is late getting from Hayfield to look after the Rovers while they go on the coach trip. Emily leads the trip to the Blue John Mines with Dennis, Sandra, Irma, David, Hilda, Stan, Charlie, Minnie, Albert, Elsie, Len, Jack and Annie in attendance. Harry and Lucille spend the day together. Harry tells her that he worries about her but Lucille tries to show him he has no cause. The residents view the mines, 850 feet below ground level. Harry tells Lucille she'd enjoy Ireland but she refuses, telling him of her plans once she passes her 'O' Levels. Harry tells her that the Walkers have agreed she can stay on with them after she finishes school. Irma and David skip the cavern and spend the day together. Irma grows frightened of scaring David off but he reassures her that she can't. Dennis escorts an adoring Sandra. Elsie rows with Dennis when he drops her earring down the "bottomless pit" in the cavern. Lucille sees Harry off at the station for Liverpool and the night crossing home. On the coach back, David presents Irma with an engagement ring from the cavern. She accepts it.


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