Mike tries to relate to Mark by suggesting he goes to a textile trade fair in Belgium. Mark is touched. Natalie is delighted when her sister Debs Brownlow turns up. The Platts turn out to watch David play football for the school. Martin is proud of him when he scores the winning goal. Amy is surprised and delighted when Dev tells her he wants them to be together. Rebecca spies on the Platts and is upset to see Martin hugging Gail. Kevin and Alison return from honeymoon. He calls on Sally but she tells him to forget what happened between them. Amy is uncomfortable when Dev insists on seeing the cuts on her wrists. She is horrified when he pulls the bandages off in the Rovers and shows everyone she hasn't cut herself. She leaves the pub telling the crowd they're stupid and gullible and upsets Leanne by calling her a witless, brainless cokehead. Dev is relieved it's over.


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