Episode 4785
Episode 4785
Production code P694/4785
ITV transmission date 12th March 2000 (Sunday)
Script editor Di Burrows
Story editor Mariam Vossough
Story associates Nick West
Steve Hughes
Rupert Laight
Kathleen Beedles
Kerry Walker
Writer Catherine Hayes
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Tim Dowd
Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 10th March 2000
Next episode 13th March 2000


Martin tells David that Sarah is pregnant whilst she breaks down knowing the news is out. Gail blames her for telling Candice. Duggie is frustrated as the police tell him the site will be closed for days. Gail tells Martin they should all go to Canada for good to give Sarah a chance of a new life. Martin tells her they can't run away. The body is taken for investigation. Gail breaks the news to Audrey who angrily turns on Sarah and accuses her of being a "slag". She then accuses the Platts of being bad parents. Vik takes advantage of Gwen, letting her do all the work whilst he skives. Gail is enraged when Audrey accuses Sarah of dragging her good name down. Martin has to stop himself from hitting her when she calls Sarah the town tart. For a joke Geena tells Les she has psychic powers and can pick a winning horse. Gail assures Sarah her family will stick by her, no matter what.


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