Elsie makes Dennis do the housework. David is annoyed when Irma goes dancing without him. He orders her not to do it again and she returns the ring. David makes Ken see he loves Irma. Dennis gets Sandra to do all the work at No.11. Albert decides to sell his coin collection. Lucille lands a temporary job in a factory for the holidays. David and Irma make up and get engaged again. Lionel grows tired of Sandra spending her time with Dennis and gives him a job at the shop. Albert is shocked to discover his collection is only worth £2 10/-.


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David Barlow (to Ken Barlow): "You're the same as the Ogdens underneath and you know it. You were born 'ere - Coronation Street - a two up an' two down terraced, with a backyard an' an outside lavatory. Our Dad was a postman an' our Mam was a cleaner in a hotel. Not much to be proud about in that is there"?

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