Hayley makes Bethany a christening gown. Linda passes her driving test first time. Candice lies to her mum to go to the christening, bringing boyfriend Darren Michaels with her. Gary is frustrated when Paula comes to stay and his time is wasted by a run-around fare. The Platts have Bethany christened at St. Paul's Church but David runs away from there and misses the ceremony. Roy stands in as Godfather. Hayley and Candice are Godmothers. Mike is furious to read Ken's Weatherfield Gazette article damning his working policies. He accuses Deirdre of stabbing him in the back, refusing to believe that she had nothing to do with it. Candice's mum drags her away from the christening party, upsetting everyone and making Sarah cry. The Platts are horrified when David is brought home by the police having been caught shoplifting.


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Jessica Lundy (to a confrontational Marion Stowe): "I wish your mouth were as small as your mind."

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