Episode 4870
Episode 4870
Production code P694/4870
ITV transmission date 7th August 2000 (Monday)
Script editor Di Burrows
Story editor Mariam Vossough
Story associates Nick West
Kathleen Beedles
Darren Fairhurst
Writer Susan Wilkins
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Graham Wetherell
Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 6th August 2000
Next episode 9th August 2000


Steve and Natalie go to court as Jez stands trial for murder. Natalie worries that Steve will be too scared to give evidence. Deirdre gets fed up with Mike accusing her of betraying him. She begs Ken to reveal his source for the Weatherfield Gazette article but he refuses. Steve gives evidence in court, saying how Jez threatened him. Ms Deakin of the defence team accuses him of lying to get the reward money in order to pay Jez back the £8,000 he borrowed. Deirdre is furious when Mike starts locking drawers and entrusts the keys to Linda. She refuses to stay where she's not trusted and resigns. Mike is surprised but Linda is delighted. Natalie worries that the fact that Steve owes Jez money will ruin the case against him. Anthony and Rita enjoy each other's company at the theatre. When Ken isn't bothered about Deirdre's lost job she tells him that she hates his principles. Rita is shocked when Anthony tells her that he's a married man. She accuses him of leading her on.


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