Episode 48
Episode 48
Production code P228/48
ITV transmission date 29th May 1961 (Monday)
Serial editor H.V. Kershaw
Writer Joseph Taggart
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Derek Bennett
Producer Stuart Latham
Previous episode 24th May 1961
Next episode 31st May 1961


An excited Lucille tries to tell Esther the news about the engagement but Harry has already informed her. Lucille helps out Florrie in the Corner Shop and tells her and Albert about the engagement and her delight that she won't have to go back to the orphanage any more. Florrie pretends to be pleased but, upset, retreats to the back room. David hobbles round on his ankle and makes a noise, annoying Ken as he tries to study for his finals. Marian calls round with a book for him. He wants to tell everyone about them but she doesn't, only ever wanting to live for the day. Ena tells Florrie that if she'd had more go in her she would have saved Harry from a mixed marriage. Florrie receives a visit from the Weights and Measures Department to check her scales and they find she's two ounces short on the ground. They ask to re-weight some bacon that Linda's bought and tell Florrie that it's a serious matter. Linda goes to Babyland and sees one she likes for £31/11. She applies for credit and asks for it to be reserved until she's spoken to Ivan. The inspectors demonstrate the way in which the scales are wrong as Ena watches on with interest from the doorway. Lucille confesses that she tampered with them when she was playing. Albert and Esther read up on mixed marriages. Elsie celebrates with a new hat and a hairdo when her divorce comes through but it's all a show and she breaks down when alone with Linda and Ivan. Ena tries to find out about the divorce but gets nothing out of the three of them. Florrie is about to close the shop for the night when a man calls asking if Esther still lives at No.5. He tells her he's Esther's brother.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Linda Cheveski (about Ena Sharples): "She'd turn milk sour, that one."

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