Episode 4903
Episode 4903
Production code P694/4903
ITV transmission date 4th October 2000 (Wednesday)
Script editor Di Burrows
Story editor Nick West
Story associates Kathleen Beedles
Darren Fairhurst
Writer Phil Ford
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Jim Loach
Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 2nd October 2000
Next episode 6th October 2000


The Duckworths and Tyrone move into No.9. When Monica goes missing, Tyrone fears she'll try and find her way back to the Park Road B&B. Duggie is furious to find his face all over the Gazette, accused of unlawfully evicting his tenants. Toyah tells him that she gave the paper the story. David plays truant and is rude to Roy when he catches him out. Bobbi and Karen are furious to discover Harvey has taken them both out. They confront him but he shrugs them off. They are amazed to discover that he has a fiancée - Saskia Benson. Roy tells Gail about David playing truant, but when she tackles him he tells her that no one really cares about him or they wouldn't be divorcing. Duggie's solicitor advises him not to retaliate over the newspaper allegations. Nervous Rita meets Anthony's children, Gregory and Amanda. They are curious about their relationship and Rita suspects they don't like her. Tyrone is delighted when Norris brings Monica home after finding her asleep on his bed at No.3. Martin assures David that whatever happens between him and Gail he'll always be around for him. Gail tells Martin they shouldn't drag things out - she wants him to move out.


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